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Let us capture that special wedding day!

The sales pitch :-)
Your wedding is one of the most special days of you life! Therefore it is essential to have your big day recorded and edited by a professional producer and videographer.

Being the centre of attention on your big day seldom allows you to be everywhere and see everything that happens at your wedding. Having a professional videographer at your wedding will give you the peace of mind to enjoy every moment. You will be able to re-live your special day at any time...even those parts which you might have missed.

Even though you probably feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the expenses a wedding involves nowadays, don’t skip on the video and regret that decision for the rest of your life! Gene Productions will ensure that you receive a delightful, custom-made DVD that will be well worth your money and bring you much pleasure for decades to come.

Meticulous prior arrangements are very important and therefore we take the utmost care to ensure that we know exactly what is going to happen at your wedding and the reception. We do pre-event consultations to give you a better idea of what you may expect and to gather all the necessary requirements you may have.

More about how we do things
Your wedding video will be recorded using 2 manned camera’s and a 3rd camera for a locked-off shot. (Please refer to our "equipment" page for more details). This ensures that no event will be left uncaptured and it also allows us to utilise the bests shots (Action / Reaction shots).

Good light makes for good picture quality. Geneproductions will supply you with the necessary lighting for the recording of your video. We set up the lighting in a way which ensures that it does not interfere with the atmosphere of your wedding. Dimmers are used to control the minimum light required for filming and might even add to the mood that is set...

Another very important aspect of your wedding video is the sound quality. Therefore we make use of high quality microphones and import the original music tracks used at your reception. A patch is also made to the DJ’s desk to ensure that nothing is missed. Music edited into your video makes a world of difference to the flow of the final product. The choice of music is entirely up to you. In order to have a professional product that will always be a pleasure to view, the video must be edited. During editing, harsh audio cuts can be mixed out and titles, graphics and music added.

We make use of Adobe Premier Pro for editing purposes. We record your wedding video from the make-up session up until the cutting of the cake, also including the recording of photo sessions (Approximately 8 hours of camera work). This usually yields a final video of 80 - 120 minutes. The option is also available for 4:3 or 16:9 recording, if you want to use the new HD TV...

Geneproductions will also author your wedding video - providing you with a menu, scene selection etc. Generally, titles are added at the beginning and end of the video (usually the names of the couple, date and place).

The final product is delivered to you in personalised, high quality cases. It consists of 3 DVD’s but additional copies can be arranged. We also offer a backup service which enables you to to replace your video at a nominal charge in case of loss.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.